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Translation Services Overview ULTD Trans is proud to present a number of translation services, from our highly qualified team of more than 5000 professional translators. The Importance of Professional Translation The globalization of many areas of business requires that customers have access to products and services in their own language. Internationalizing your business documentation, website, […]

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Proofreading is the process by which written material is reviewed to detect errors, misspellings or mistakes in the material, proofreading can prevent significant errors from passing unchanged into the hands of the end user. In novels and other works of fiction, these errors may represent minor annoyances that can negatively affect the overall view of […]

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ULTD Trans provides transcription and typing services in over 40 languages for all industries and professions at affordable rates. We specialize in legal transcription, academic research transcription, financial, insurance and investigation transcription, general business typing, and secretarial services. Our clients upload their files, such as dictations, audio recordings of interviews, legal documents, court hearing recordings, teleconferences, […]

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Subtitling is an extremely effective and indispensable part of most video and audio production nowadays, in particular with videos’ ability of global reach. Through the process of subtitling, transcription acquires immediate value in that it provides a written version of a speech, video, or other audio file, which renders videos considerably more captivating. While video […]

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Unlimited Translation Services

The customer is our first priority!
At Unlimited Translation Services, we pride ourselves in putting the customer first in everything that we do. Our aim, right from day one, has been to offer our customers a three-pronged guarantee of good value, high quality and quick delivery.
We recognize the fact that our customers are seeking out the best translation services that they can find, and this is why we have come up with a business model that seeks to provide three key concerns of customers: value, quality, and punctuality.
With the combination of technology, industry leading software, and world-class translators, we have been able to provide our customers with exactly what they need, while setting our company apart from our competitors. We follow firm commitment to provide good quality translation at par with the international standards.
Our in-house team of proof readers and subject matter experts check the translated documents for quality and consistency, before they are delivered to the client. The seasoned team of translators at Unlimited Translation Services is highly skilled. They are the native speakers of the language, offering translation services for technical, medical, legal, financial etc.
Mission Statement: Translation from All languages to All languages